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None of us can see what we will encounter in the future. That’s why it makes good sense to plan for the unexpected with a State Farm homeowners policy. Home insurance covers more than your home. It protects both your home and the things inside it. In the event of falling trees or a burglary, you might have damage to some of your belongings in addition to damage to the structure itself. If you don't have enough coverage, you may struggle to replace all of the things you lost. Some of your belongings can be covered if they are lost or damaged outside of your home, like if your car is stolen with your computer inside it or your bicycle is stolen from work.
Great coverage like this is why Dallas homeowners choose State Farm insurance. State Farm Agent Mitch Ratzlaff can offer coverage options for the level of coverage you have in mind. If troubles like service line repair, identity theft, or wind and hail damage find you, Agent Mitch Ratzlaff can be there to help you file your claim. Contact State Farm Agent Mitch Ratzlaff today to see how a top provider of homeowners insurance can protect your home here in Dallas, OR.

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